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Active Oxygens for Cleaning and Sanitization

The sustainable products hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid are perfectly suited for effective cleaning and disinfection in hospitals, medical offices, and laundries, as well as industrial, institutional, and residential cleaning applications.

Active Oxygens for Pharma & Healthcare

Hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid are applied in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries for dental disinfection and wound care, decontamination of surgical instruments as well as treatment of contact lenses. Our peroxides are ideally suited for the sanitization of devices for medical care to manage microbiological risks.

Adhesives & Sealants for Medical

To cover an increased demand for products related to biocompatibility, hypoallergenic aspects, bio durability, flexibility and bacterial-resistance.

Biodegradable polymers for medical devices

Our RESOMER® biodegradable polymers made of polylactide (PLA), polycaprolactone (PCL) and polydioxanone improve the safety, biocompatibility and functional performance of medical devices and implants for orthopedic (e.g. interference screws, suture anchors, fracture plates), spine, dental (e.g membranes), cardiovascular (e.g. vascular closures or stents) and wound healing applications (e.g. sutures or ligating clips).

Catalysts for pharmaceutical industry

Since most APIs are produced by complex multi-step syntheses, selectivity is the major challenge, and an optimized yield in each step is essential for the economic viability of any synthetic route. We support both research-focused pharmaceutical originators and Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) by providing and developing standard and tailor-made catalysts.

Cell Culture Solutions

Amino acids, peptides, dipeptides and keto acids out of Evonik’s cQrex® brand of high-purity cGMP cell culture ingredients help to overcome solubility and stability issues often assigned to classical ingredients like glutamine, cysteine and tyrosine.

Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) for APIs, HPAPIs and intermediates

We are a contract manufacturing organization (CMO) for custom APIs, highly potent APIs (HPAPI) and intermediates. With our extensive exclusive synthesis capabilities, we are a preferred CMO/CDMO for chiral chemistry, flow chemistry, and continuous processing. We also support customers worldwide with microbial fermentation projects.

Generic APIs and Intermediates

We are a supplier of high-quality generic active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), biocides and intermediates, including keto acids, amino acids, chlorhexidine and controlled substance APIs produced at trusted Western European cGMP facilities. Our intermediates include amino acids and derivatives being used as starting materials for APIs, as well as multiple types of phosphonium salts and boronic acids.

Functional pharmaceutical film coatings for oral dosage forms

EUDRAGIT® controlled release polymers are the gold standard for film coating of tablets, capsules, multi-particulates, and other oral solid dosage forms. They act as enteric coatings for delayed release applications, protective and immediate release coatings, and for taste masking of bitter APIs. EUDRAGIT® can be used for solubility and bioavailability enhancement, 3D printing or microbiome delivery.

Solubility and bioavailability enhancement of oral dosage forms

Our EUDRAGIT® film coating polymers enhance drug solubility and bioavailability of oral dosage forms like tablets and capsules. These can be processed with hot melt extrusion (HME), top-spray granulation and spray drying. Our oral drug delivery technology EUDRATEC® SoluFlow turns poorly soluble drugs into free-flowing amorphous solid dispersions (ASD) to overcome poor drug solubility.

Fast enteric drug release of oral dosage forms

Our oral drug delivery technologies EUDRATEC® Fasteric and DuoCoat® enable rapid enteric drug release for precise targeting of the proximal region of the small intestine and the ileocolonic region. Both film coating technologies can be used across a range of dosage forms including multiparticulates, tablets and capsules.

Formulation development services for oral drug delivery dosage forms

Our formulation development experts support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide with complex oral dosage forms including small molecules, peptides, enzymes, nucleic acids, high potency APIs and controlled substances. We specialize in formulation for personalized medicine, 3D printing, pediatric or geriatric medicines, oncological, orphan and poorly soluble drugs, continuous manufacturing, microbiome delivery, and the oral administration of biologics.

Cleaning agents and detergents for pharmaceutical equipment

Chematic® detergents have been specially formulated for cleaning pharmaceutical production equipment after processing EUDRAGIT® film coating polymers. These cleaning agents developed by Dober reduce production and manufacturing downtimes of tablet coating equipment like drum coating and fluid bed coating machines.

Pharmaceutical dose dumping prevention for multiparticulates and tablets

Our drug delivery technology EUDRATEC® ADD prevents dose dumping in oral dosage forms like multiparticulates and tablets. This can reduce the risk of unexpected API release even in instances of excessive alcohol intake.

Film coating polymers and oral drug delivery technologies for microbiome delivery

Our range of EUDRAGIT® film coating polymers and our oral drug delivery technology EUDRATEC® COL for colon targeting can both be used for microbiota therapies and other microbiome-based products.

Feasibility studies and pre-formulation services for oral dosage forms

Evonik offers a wide range of pre-formulation services including feasibility studies and proprietary systems. These support pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nutraceutical companies in the development and manufacturing of oral solid dosage forms that are ready for human clinical trials.

Performance Intermediates for Pharma & Healthcare

Petrochemicals specialties for the healthcare industry: Our solvents have been developed and tested for properties that are specifically required for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

Pharmaceutical amino acids and peptides

We offer highly pure natural and non-natural amino acids, salts and derivatives under the REXIM® and REXIVA® brands. These can be used for pharmaceutical applications, infant nutrition, clinical nutrition, medical nutrition, and food applications and as excipients. In addition to amino acids like L-Lysine, L-Methionine, L-Ornithine-L-Aspartate and many others, Evonik offers a broad range of corresponding services.

Polymers for Pharmaceutical Blister-Pack

How do you heat seal a blister packaging? By adding one pass direct heat seal adhesive laquer on the blister card. Our DEGACRYL® HS methacrylates blinders enable sustainable blister pharmaceutical packaging.

Ready-to fill coated capsules for oral drug delivery

EUDRACAP®, our brand for enteric coated, ready-to-fill, pre-locked HPMC capsules, is suitable for drug fillings like powders, pellets and granules. It can be used for GI-targeting and other drug release profiles, solubility enhancement and microbiome delivery.

Silica for the Pharmaceutical Industry

To ensure that high-speed systems for the production of tablets and pharmaceutical capsules run smoothly, the starting materials must exhibit optimum flow behavior. Silica as free flow agent ensure a uniform pharmaceutical active ingredient content in each tablet or capsule and increase production throughput.