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Metals, Mining, Oil & Gas

Within the upstream, midstream and downstream energy markets, Evonik has developed advanced chemistries that enhance production, protect assets and increase value throughout the hydrocarbon lifecycle. In the Metals, Mining, Oil & Gas market our portfolio extends from active oxygens for deeper leaching through direct oxidation, catalysts for regeneration of hydroprocessing, crosslinkers and epoxy curing agents for composites, mining surfactants for usage in concentrate and tailings dewatering to specialty methacrylates and methacrylamides that are versatile building blocks for drilling, stimulation, production, midstream, EOR and infrastructure.

Products and SOlutions for Metals, Mining, Oil & Gas

Active Oxygens for Mining

In gold mining, hydrogen peroxide provides deeper leaching through direct oxidation. For wastewater treatment in mines, it removes residual cyanides from waste streams. In uranium mining, hydrogen peroxide serves as a process agent to increase the oxidation state of the uranium.

Active Oxygens for Oil & Gas

Peracetic acid acts as an oxidizing biocide in hydraulic fracturing, rapidly killing aerobic and sulfate reducing bacteria and decomposing into environmentally friendly co-products. Our persulfates are used as powerful oxidizing agents in oil sands processing through gel formation and reduction, and for enhanced oil recovery.

CAPLUS® for Acid Gases

Powerful absorbent provides savings in operational expenditures and increases the reliability of acid gas removal plants.


We offer a range of catalyst services for hydroprocessing and hydrotreating, from preactivation to regeneration, and rejuvenation with our superior proprietary Excel® technology. Our Claus catalysts enable sulfur recovery, while our Dynocel® series of adscorbent helps to purify propylene obtained from refinery recovery streams.

Components for Oil and Gas Applications

VESTAKEEP® PEEK polymers provide resistance to pipe components such as sealing materials in the oil and gas industry. They are crack resistant and feature high chemical and wear resistance, are easy to process, flame retardant and low smoke.

Crosslinkers and Epoxy Curing Agents for Composites

We offer solutions for all technologies: filament winding, pultrusion, cure in place pipes, prepreg, sheet molding compound, infusion and resin transfer molding. We offer polyamines, amine hardeners, dicyandiamide, accelerators, crosslinkers, epoxy curing agents and more.

Epoxy Curing Agents for more environmentally friendly composites

ANCAMIDE, ANCAMINE and VESTALITE offer formulators the right combination of performance attributes and environmental/worker safety profile for cured-in-place-pipes (CIPP), filament winding, pultrusion, sheet moulding compound (SMC). We offer epoxy curing agents, amine hardeners, amidoamine and more.

Mining Surfactants

As a leader in collectors for cationic reverse flotation, Evonik’s Technical Applications support in the beneficiation of iron ore, phosphate, potash and other minerals. We manufacture various traditional surfactants as well as biosurfactants for usage in concentrate and tailings dewatering, dust control and foam control. Our high-performance chemicals for your mineral processing needs.

Oil & Gas Surfactants

Evonik’s Technical Applications provide products for oil and gas drilling, cementing, stimulation and the extension of well production life. Our sustainable biosurfactants and traditional biodegradable surfactant technologies are key in supporting flowback and controlling water formation damage. We also provide an extensive line of corrosion inhibitors which, when combined with our gemini based defoaming and wetting agents provide effective protection under severe corrosive conditions.

Plastic Additives for Surface Treatment

Organic modified siloxanes used to improve products’ hydrophobicity and allow for an optimum dispersion in the polymer matrix.

Silanes for Corrosion Protection

Blank corrosion protection of aluminum alloys and galvanized steel based on the waterborne Dynasylan® SIVO 160 extends the service life of these metal structures, providing high crosslinking density, an excellent wetting effect and better adhesion of subsequent coating.

Silica to Protect Metals Against Corrosion

Silica increased corrosion resistance and increase fast color absorption.

TMT 15® for General Manufacturing

Environmentally friendly solution for separating and removing heavy metals from the wastewater.

VESTAKEEP® in Energy Applications 

Not only tubing material has to resist the harsh conditions in the oil and gas industry as liners made from VESTAKEEP® PEEK do. Components are also subject to these loads.  

VESTAMID® NRG for energy applications 

VESTAMID® NRG for Energy Applications 

The extreme conditions encountered when extracting crude oil and gas test even the most resistant of materials right to their limits. Or harsh environmental conditions for industrial pipes or gas, hydrogen or liquid transport. VESTAMID® NRG polyamide 12 overcomes these limitations and has been used in numerous areas for years – both onshore and offshore. 

VISIOMER® Specialty Methacrylates for Oil & Gas

Specialty Methacrylates and Methacrylamides are versatile building blocks for drilling, stimulation, production, midstream, EOR and infrastructure. VISIOMER® helps to unlock reservoir potential, protect and extend asset lifetime and increase production and throughput.

How our products work

In gold production, hydrogen peroxide can serve two functions: The most common method used nowadays is the cyanidation process, which involves the leaching of gold containing ores by dilute aqueous cyanide solutions. This requires pH adjustment, mostly by lime, and oxygen for the redox reaction to occur. Depending on the leaching conditions, the overall concentration of suspended ore, and the concentration of the oxygen consumers in the ore, hydrogen peroxide can be added to increase the oxygen availability and dissolved oxygen in the system and to promote deeper leaching by direct oxidation. This is generally called peroxide-assisted leach (PAL) and helps to increase yield and profitability. 

Evonik produces an array of performance chemicals that serve the mining industry. At the core of that technical know-how is the production of high-quality reagents for reverse flotation of non-sulfide ores. Our Tomamine® and Arosurf® product lines of etheramines and fatty amines are designed specifically for this type of mineral flotation. Evonik’s Shur-Flo® products helps provide our customers free-flowing powdered solids. Evonik manufactures various surfactants for the formulation of dust control agents. We also supply emulsifiers for explosives and wetting agents for bio-hydrometallurgical processing. Evonik is well known for our broad range of foam control technologies. 

Evonik epoxy curing agent technologies offer coatings formulators a range of products to meet both current environmental regulations, as well as positioning them for future trends. Be it waterborne solutions for lower emissions which reduce environmental impact and improve worker safety, accelerators for low temperature which require less energy, or high corrosion resistance solutions which mean less repair work is needed and material usage is reduced, our broad portfolio of products is sure to satisfy.